Copying records from one table to another: INSERT from SELECT in SQL

24 August 2011

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If you find yourself writing something like the following code, try to stop and think for a while (the example uses PHP Database Objects extension):

$insert = $dbh->prepare('INSERT INTO cheapBooks VALUES (?)');

foreach($dbh->query('SELECT ID FROM Books WHERE price < 10') as $book){
        // Insert cheap books into a temporary table

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Silverstripe (Blog module): localisation of Tag Cloud widget

21 August 2011

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In current version of Silverstripe's Blog module it's impossible to show non-latin tags in Tag Cloud widget — you'll see garbage instead of them:Garbage in Tag Cloud widget

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Opera 11 won't start on Windows

02 July 2011

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Today I've faced with a problem – Opera 11 couldn't start on Windows XP and showed the following error:

Opera has failed to access or upgrade your profile. This may have occurred because your computer has insufficient recources available or because some files are locked by other applications.

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