Urgent FreeBSD Installation on Asus A6R Laptop

04 May 2016

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My Lenovo Edge 430 broke down almost at the end of configuring a Linux server for a customer. I had a backup laptop a friend of mine gave me two years ago: Asus A6R. I decided to install FreeBSD on it for running ssh, so I could finish Linux server configuration.

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List of exceptions in Java 8

13 January 2016

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Let's say you are writing a Java-program, and now is the time to throw an exception. Of what type should it be? Does the broad Exception class suit our needs, or it's better to use a problem-specific exception? If the latter is the case, should we write our own exception or take one from the standard Java-library?

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Palm Tungsten T5 battery replacement

29 August 2014

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The original battery installed in my Palm Tunsten T5 is Samsung SDI PGF523759A (3.7V, 53x33x4 mm). The replacement I've googled is CS-PMT5SL (Part No. IA1XA27F1, 63x34x4 mm). Unfortunately, it wasn't in stock anywhere around.

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