Asus Eee Pc 1001PQ: installing touchpad driver on Windows 7 Ultimate

19 August 2014

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The touchpad driver for Windows 7 on the official Asus site doesn't work properly: the grey icon in the system tray doesn't react on cursor movements and pressing of the buttons. The problem gets worse if KB Filter Utility is installed and you've pressed the Touchpad On/Off button. In such a case, the touchpad turns off and it's impossible to turn it on again until you uninstall Synaptics Touchpad drivers or KB Filter Utility (ATK, functional keys utility).

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Switching to another language in Colobot: Gold Edition

23 December 2013

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If you want to play “Colobot: Gold Edition” in a language that is not set as default in your OS, then you can run the game from the command line with language parameter:

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Add / Remove Windows components doesn't work (because of an inf-file)

18 April 2012

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So Add / Remove Windows components from Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs doesn't open, which is accompanied with the following error:

Unable to open information file custom.inf Contact administrator.
Specific error code - 0x2 at line 2011777033

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