Video Camera for Skype: using a video camera as a web-camera

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The following works also in other applications (not only in Skype) that use a web-cam and don't work with your video-camera connected to your PC through FireWire (for example).

In order to use your video-camera as a web-camera you need to install a virtual driver that receives data from an ordinary video-camera as input and sends the same data as output in the way as a webcam does it. Such a driver comes with TrackerCam®. You can download this piece of software here.

After you have installed and launched the program you might have to specify which video-camera you want TrackerCam® to use as an input source. You can do this by going to "Tuner -> Display & Camera -> Select camera".

Then minimize TrackerCam® to the tray and go to Skype's video settings. Now you should see a virtual web-camera provided by TrackerCam® showing your video-camera's data flow.

I succesfully did this a month ago with a Canon MV901 camcoder.

In our situation we need from TrackerCam® only the driver. Generally this program is for accessing your camera through the Net: for example, you can orginize video monitoring of your appartment with its help.


26 February 2011

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