GeForce2 MX400 video drivers for Windows 7

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I've just finished installing Windows 7 on a system with an ancient video card – GeForce2 MX400. It wasn't very easy, so I decided to write down my experience to the blog.

Of course, NVidia didn't release Windows 7 drivers for this card and they're not going to:

No Windows 7 drivers for GeForce2 MX on the NVidia site

But anyway I decided to test my luck and downloaded drivers for GeForce2 MX (version 93.71) for Windows XP. They installed succesfuly under WinXP compatibility mode

Backward compatibility with Windows XP menu item in Windows 7

and even worked for some time until I decided to test video playback on the fresh system. The system crashed after that and showed a blue screen of the death with complaints on nv_mini.sys

Becasue of the first two letters of the driver name ("nv") I understood that problems were in the video subsystem.

I had searched the Net and found the following advice: if one wants to run GeForce2 MX with Windows 7  then they should try version 71.89 of drivers, which you can download from NVidia site:

Everything works fine after installing the last-mentioned drivers (even NFS Undeground).

12 March 2017

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