Lenovo Y50 Hinge Problem #1

17 May 2019

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Lenovo Y50's hinge applies on the screen lid quite extensive load. So, this laptop often has issues with the hinge screw posts inside the screen lid.

One possible way of dealing with this issue is shown below.

The vast majority of screw posts in Lenovo Y50 are made of a plastic post and threaded expansion insert fused together. It's not a big surprise the threaded insert can easily come off due the insufficient plastic quality. In the video fragment you see the screen lid screw posts for the right hinge having this problem:

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Urgent FreeBSD Installation on Asus A6R Laptop

21 April 2018

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My Lenovo Edge 430 broke down almost at the end of configuring a Linux server for a customer. I had a backup laptop a friend of mine gave me two years ago: Asus A6R. I decided to install FreeBSD on it for running ssh, so I could finish Linux server configuration.

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Windows 7 Drivers for EPoX-4PDA3I motherboard

17 March 2017

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If you want to upgrade your old computer built using EPoX-4PDA3I motherboard to Windows 7, you must know EPoX doesn't exist anymore, so it's impossible to download ANY official drivers for it, let alone Windows 7 drivers. In this article I provide drivers needed to install EPoX-4PDA3I integrated devices about which Windows 7 doesn't know:

EPoX-4PDA3I unknown devices on Windows 7

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