How to install Windows update files quickly

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So, you have a folder with Windows Update Files (e.g. downloaded from Microsoft Update Center):

... (a lot of files)

If you have such a folder, then it's logical to install all the files automatically at once, with a single command line.

Process of installing windows update files from a folder

You can run unattended installation of a Windows Update File with this command:

WindowsXP-KBXXXXXX-x86-YYY.exe /norestart /passive

But we need to install all updates from a folder. This is why in a Windows shell window we run a loop which executes every executable file in the current folder:

for %f in (*.exe) do start /wait %f /norestart /passive

Now it would be wise to put this useful command to a bat-file for further reuse:

rem Contents of install.bat:

for %%f in (*.exe) do start /wait %%f /norestart /passive

Please notice the double percent symbols before the name of the variable.

11 November 2011

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