GeForce2 MX400 video drivers for Windows 7

12 March 2017

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I've just finished installing Windows 7 on a system with an ancient video card – GeForce2 MX400. It wasn't very easy, so I decided to write down my experience to the blog.

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The gallery title in a custom NextGEN Gallery template

08 February 2017

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When using custom album and gallery templates, NextGEN Gallery plugin doesn't provide any variables with the gallery name to the gallery template:


xdebug shows no title var in ngg custom tpl

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List of exceptions in Java 8

13 January 2016

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Let's say you are writing a Java-program, and now is the time to throw an exception. Of what type should it be? Does the broad Exception class suit our needs, or it's better to use a problem-specific exception? If the latter is the case, should we write our own exception or take one from the standard Java-library?

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