Add / Remove Windows components doesn't work (because of an inf-file)

18 April 2012

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So Add / Remove Windows components from Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs doesn't open, which is accompanied with the following error:

Unable to open information file custom.inf Contact administrator.
Specific error code - 0x2 at line 2011777033

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PHP quirks: a caveat with array string keys and an 'array_shift' call

24 January 2012

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What do you think the following code snippet prints?

// Fill the array (each array element has the same value as a key)
foreach(array('07', '08', '09', '10') as $n){
    $a[$n] = $n;

// Delete the first element from the array

// Print a value of the element with a key of '10'
echo $a['10'];

If you, like me, think that the element of the array with a key of '10' has a string value of "10", then you're unfortunately wrong. But now you've got a reason to read the article further.

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How to install Windows update files quickly

11 November 2011

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So, you have a folder with Windows Update Files (e.g. downloaded from Microsoft Update Center):

... (a lot of files)

If you have such a folder, then it's logical to install all the files automatically at once, with a single command line.

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